About Mike

Mike Adkins is an evangelist, author, singer and songwriter with an inter-denominational ministry of praise, and teaching God's children how to praise

Prior to his conversion to Christ, he actively pursued a career as a pop recording artist. Mike traveled extensively with rock bands and later had a singing contract with the RCA Victor label. Since that time Mike has actively sought the leading of the Holy Spirit to give him songs of praise and worship. God has been faithful to him with enough songs for six albums.

More than 500,000 copies of Mike's album Thank You For The Dove have been sold, making it a Gold Album, which features many great songs including "Adoration". Also, the Lord has allowed Mike to appear on more than 300 national television programs. He has also spoken and sung at many Full Gospel Business Men's conventions and chapters, as well as Aglow Chapters, denominational churches and non-denominational churches throughout out country.

In addition, Mike has sung and spoken in Indonesia, Scotland, China, Holland, Brazil, Russia, Poland, Australia, England, and South Africa.

Mike is also the author of the best selling Christian book A Man Called Norman. He has also produced two Christian films available on video, A Man Called Norman and Seeds For the Harvest.

Mike's services are highlighted many times by great Holy Spirit initiated miracles and anointed singing; as God always inhabits the praises of His people.

Mike was previously employed as a Federal Coal Mine Inspector and now resides in West Frankfort, Illinois with his wife Carmel.


Mike's Albums

  • Sunshine Man
  • Thank You For The Dove
  • He Is Near
  • Messiah
  • Lord of All
  • My Best From Him


  • A Man Called Norman
  • Seeds For The Harvest
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